Road to Iran [partly cancelled]
with Kian Soltani and Kayhan Kalhor

Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Kian Soltani and Kayhan Kalhor build musical bridges between East and West, with works by Schubert, Layegh, Vali and a new commissioned piece by jazz pianist Rembrandt Frerichs.

In Road to Iran, Amsterdam Sinfonietta joins forces with the mega-talent Kian Soltani, born in Austria but of Iranian origin, and the celebrated Iranian kemenche player Kayhan Kalhor. In this programme the two worlds of Iranian music and Western classical music coalesce. The Iranian composer Farokhzad Layegh adds a new dimension to classical Persian music with his Sus-Septed Tempus, scored for a western string orchestra. It is the other way around for the American composer Colin Jacobsen; his poetic ‘Iranian’ tribute to Kayhan Kalhor took as its model the fire temple of the Iranian historical city Isfahan. The Dutch jazz composer Rembrandt Frerichs creates a spectacular new ‘oriental’ work for cello, kemenche and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta strings.

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